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Corporate Event

Corporate Event

corporate event in Charleston SC

Corporate Event Is Different.

Does your team roll their eyes when you bring up the idea of a corporate event? The typical “team building experiences,” company picnics, and office parties have largely lost their appeal at most organizations. What you need in order to boost morale, strengthen relationships, and make your team better at what it does is an event that everyone can get excited about. That’s where Charleston Yacht Tours comes in. We guarantee everyone will sit up and listen when you start talking about a trip on the Charleston harbor aboard your own private yacht!


Inspiration From the Sea

There’s just something about the ocean and the breeze that blows across it that seem to take away all the problems in the world. Has it been a tough year for your business? Thank your team for sticking it out and working long hours by giving them a few hours to feel the waves rocking under them, enjoy a cool drink in the salty breeze, and even jump off the boat into the ocean if they’re so inclined! And there’s no better way to celebrate a milestone than watching the dolphins together from your private boat.

corporate event Charleston Sc
corporate event in Charleston SC

An Outing

They Won’t Forget

The best corporate event is the one that your team can’t stop talking about even weeks after it takes place. The memories that your employees create together on the water will become a powerful force to bind them together, improve their spirit, and show them just how much you appreciate the work they do every day.



Are your boats fully equipped?

Whichever of our four boats you select for your corporate event, you will find that it holds all of the amenities necessary for your group’s comfort. There is a full bathroom on each of our yachts, and we even offer a spectacular speaker system that you can plug your custom soundtrack into. You bring the drinks, and we’ll bring the cooler full of ice to keep them chilled.

What route will our yacht tour take?

Your captain will customize your trip out on the water to perfectly fit your group’s preferences! Perhaps you’re from out of town and you want to be sure to get a great view of all the historical landmarks in the harbor, such as the USS Yorktown and Fort Sumter. Or maybe your priority is simply to enjoy the gorgeous sunset with the backdrop of the Charleston area’s natural beauty. If you plan to enjoy some swimming as part of your corporate event, we’ll be sure to take you to the best spots for that as well.

Can we bring alcohol on board?

Absolutely! Your captain will take care of navigating the boat–your job is to enjoy time with your team, and if that includes some adult beverages, we’ll bring along the cooler of ice to keep them cold.