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What about Covid safety?

We are limiting Sweet Tea to a 15 Passenger maximum. Also all boats get cleaned thoroughly after each boat charter.

What is seen on a tour?

The Battery, Ravenel Bridge, USS Yorktown, Ft. Sumter, Ft Moultrie, Ft Johnson, Castle Pickney, Waterfront park, SC Aquarium, Historic Homes and Churches, and much more.

Do the boats have bathrooms?

YES. All our vessels except the Skiff have bathrooms on board.

Do you serve food and drinks?

We have a few great catering contacts that will deliver food to the boat prior to your trip. You are welcome to bring anything you want to eat or drink. We provide coolers and ice on board.

Are glass bottles allowed?

We allow glass but recommend other options for your safety.

Can we bring more guests?

The boat capacities are set by the Coast Guard. We can not take over those limits.

Where are the boats?

All boats except the skiff are at Ripley Light Yacht Club. Less than 2 minutes from Downtown.

What happens with bad weather?

The weather in Charleston can be tricky. We want you to have the best time possible with us. Sometimes we can go a little early. Or wait a little bit to get the charter in. Mosty rain showers only last 15-20 minutes. We usually get every charter in. It is the Captains Call on the day of the charter. We give full refund if we can not go.

Can we swim?

Yes on cruises 3hrs or more. The current is very strong and we go to a few spots around the Harbor where it is safe. We can't just stop anywhere.

Can we bring floats?

Yes. We also have floats for guests to use.

Are there extra taxes and fees?

The price advertised is the price you pay. We include a 15% tip that goes entirely to the crew.

How do we pay?

You can book and pay right on our website at Our Fleet, email us, or call and we can book you. We accept all credit cards.

Do you take deposits?

Yes. You can pay in full or make a deposit. The balance is due the week before the trip.

Is there a stereo?

Yes. All Charleston Yacht Tours boats have great Bluetooth stereos.

Can you pick up somewhere else?

Yes. We have a few places around town available. We do charge for the time to get there and back.

Do you have a phone charger?

Sometimes you may luck out. But most Charters you will not be able to charge your phone.

When should we be there?

We recommend arriving at the marina at least 15 minutes early. It takes time to walk down the dock and get everyone aboard.

Do you do weddings?

We do a bunch of different wedding charters. Give us a call to discuss.

Whats the craziest thing that has happened?

All our charters are private we don't share with others. Your secrets will be safe with us.