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A Perfect Day for a Charleston Boat Tour

Boat Tour Charleston Sc

Monday after the Super Bowl…Some woke up and went to work. Most over slept and went in late. We at Charleston Yacht Tours had a group of women from a religious retreat join us on our flagship vessel Sweet Tea for the afternoon.

A Perfect Day for a Charleston Boat Tour

The weather was a perfect beautiful day, they had an in with the man upstairs. 70 degrees—just a small puff of wind. We had to open up the full enclosure because it was getting warm inside. We got under way and had some perfect mellow music playing on the stereo.

Seeing the Holy City From the Water

This group of women enjoyed seeing the battery and learning about the history of our great city. Dolphins decided to greet the boat by surfacing 5 feet away. Sometimes I think they are posing for the pictures being taken.

Exploring Shem Creek

We had plenty of time to explore Shem Creek. Some loved it so much we took group pictures with the shrimp boats as a background. As we came back to the marina some were relaxing in the sun, some were chatting in the cabin, all were having a great time.

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