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Activities to do During the Colder Seasons

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As the cooler temperatures approach, you might be getting settled in your home with a fire and not leaving the house much. While this is enjoyable in its own right, don’t forget that there are still lots of different things that you can do. That’s what this blog post will be all about from the perspective of a company offering the best Charleston boat tours.

Let’s get right into it.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is fun both indoor and outdoor. We think outdoor rinks are extra fun because of that extra natural feel. Plus, harder ice and some wind create a better workout for the whole family. It’s easy on the joints and relatively low impact.

Have a Bonfire

We all have fun childhood memories of outdoor bonfires. If your memories didn’t include smores during that time, you missed out. Recreate some of those memories with your family and friends and host a bonfire party. For the adults, pack some beer. For the kids, bring hot chocolate, smores, and flashlights for flashlight tag. Everyone is sure to have a blast.

Go Skiing or Snowboarding

For me personally, I think snowboarding is so fun but I am not very good at it. Skiing is great, too! This isn’t something that can be recreated very well indoors and is a very seasonal thing. Skiing and snowboarding have challenges for everyone depending on skill levels. It’s a great way to stay in touch with nature and it’s a wonderful social experience. Skiing, in particular, is easier to learn than snowboarding, and it’s safer. Plus, calories are burned really fast.

Have a Snowball Fight

Sound childish? It’s not! Okay, maybe it is. But it’s still lots of fun. Provided there aren’t any dangerous rocks or ice in your snowballs, no one is going to get hurt. To get in the mood to throw snowballs, make snow angels, snowmen, and snow forts first. Your excuse for doing this can be because it’s fun for your kids but you can secretly enjoy it, too. We won’t tell.


I think my all-time favorite memory as a kid was going sledding in my backyard. I had a steep backyard behind my house and my best friend and I would go sledding down it nonstop. I would actually stand straight up on my sled and snowboard before I even knew what snowboarding was. That honestly was the most fun I ever had. The only annoying part was walking back up. Also, I did manage to hurt myself one time, but hey, it was all in good fun.

If your own property isn’t fit for sledding, I’m sure there are nearby places in your area that you can drive to. While my backyard was nice, the real hot spot was a local school with the tallest hill of all. You could earn the respect of any kid in the area by being seen sledding there.

Go Stargazing

The best part about stargazing is that it isn’t limited to the season that you are in. But for the cooler months, throw on some extra layers, and lay down outside and look up into the sky. What a beautiful world that we live in. You don’t need a telescope, but having one makes it extra fun.

Go on a Yacht Tour

When you think of this idea, you might think it’s just too cold to be fun. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Charleston Yacht Tours, in particular, has yachts with full enclosures and a heated interior. So you can enjoy being on the water and everything that comes with that without being disturbed by wind and the cool air. Think about enjoying hot chocolate in the evening inside the warmth of a yacht and gazing onto the open ocean.

Being on a yacht lets you take your family on an adventure that they will never forget. The memories really do last a lifetime. It also builds a deeper interest in boating and sailing in our young ones.

So next time you search for “Charleston boat tours” or “Charleston harbor cruise”, think of us at Charleston Yacht Tours. Best of all, we have very competitive pricing during these cooler months. Call us at (843) 751-5869 to learn more.

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