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Why Private Yacht Tours Are The Best

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When the warmer weather approaches, the first thing on everyone’s mind is the beach. This is because people are just drawn into the ocean! One of the greatest ways to enjoy the ocean is by going on a yacht tour. A private one is ideal. So what makes going on yacht tours one of the greatest activities that you can do? That’s what we will be discussing. But first, next time you search for “boat rides in Charleston, SC”, think of us first.

Let’s get started.

You Know The People Around You

It can be a little uncomfortable to be stuck with strangers for long periods of time. That is unless you are very socially comfortable. When you go on a private yacht tour, there are no strangers. You’ll know everyone who is going and that makes your time extra special.

Play Your Own Music

When you’re on a public charter, you will have little to no say over what music is being played. Maybe you could tip the captain and have your way, but that’s a hassle. On a private charter, the ambiance is totally in your control.

Go Where You Want (Even Go Swimming!)

When you go on a private boat charter, you actually get to have a say in the place you go and what you see. It’s a lot more fun when your group has the ability before even going on the water to decide what to do.

The boat is almost always on the move during public charters so you’ll never be able to enjoy the water directly and go swimming in it. In fact, even when they do park, public charters usually prevent people from going into the water. What a bummer. Make sure to pack a swimsuit for your private charter because it’s much different.


This is probably the biggest reason to go on a private yacht tour, with us being widely known for our bachelorette and bachelor parties. However, we see lots of people celebrating anniversaries, corporate vents, graduations, and even birthdays. So you can be sure that going on a big, private, party boat is a totally cool way to mark the occasion.

After all, it’s about your guests, and they will love it. Going on a yacht tour is just a great way to bring life to an event compared to the traditional at-home party. It adds a whole new dimension to the concept of celebration. Another cool benefit is if you want us to include decorations or specific arrangements, that can be accommodated if you talk to us about it in advance.

Drink Whatever You Want

On a private yacht tour, you can bring whatever you feel like drinking. There is refrigeration available to keep everything nice and cold. Maybe you’re not a beer person, that’s no problem. Bring whatever you’d like, whether it’s wine, cocktails, seltzer, soda, etc. Public yacht tours are often a bit more strict with BYOB usually not a thing and usually having to pay for drinks.

It’s Healthy to Be On the Water

There is a direct relationship between being a less stressed person and being by the ocean. Beyond how sensory appealing it is to experience the ocean views and smell the salt water and beach, there are proven health benefits to the ocean. It’s believed that the ocean tides and sea breezes help with relaxation. You also get lots of vitamin D, a very important vitamin for your body.

Make Special Memories

Regardless of the reason for your tour, special memories are a guarantee. Just simply enjoying the music and each other’s company is enough but with the added view and feel of being over the ocean, it’s a magical experience. Since, as we just mentioned, there is often a fair bit of drinking happening, be sure to take pictures! Not everyone is going to remember everything.

Final Thoughts

While there are many ways to celebrate something, going on a private yacht tour is one of the greatest things that you can do. My favorite reason is because of all the special memories that come with being out on the water. Boat rides in Charleston, SC are best done by Charleston Yacht Tours. So next time you search for “harbor tours in Charleston SC”, we are here for you.

If you’re interested in getting started, the next step would be to fill out our contact form. We’ll talk to you and figure out what would work best. When you’re ready, you can book here.

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