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Harbor Tours Are the Perfect Way to Have Fun in the Water This Summer

There is something special about enjoying some fun in the sun on a comfortable yacht with your friends and family. Sunset cruises and booze cruises are more popular than ever these days, and bachelorette parties aboard a party yacht are becoming more common as well.

For some, boating is a family tradition, and for others, boating is a carefree getaway that combines the fun of a beach bar with the comfort of a lounger near the pool. Having fun near the water is a big part of most people’s summer plans and it’s easy to see why a Charleston harbor tour would scratch this itch!

What You Can Do and See On a Harbor Tour

There are so many things to do and see on a harbor tour! You can pick and choose between our various activities that we offer on our four party boats. Pick a small boat like The Skiff to go to a local beach for the day, or book one of our larger boats to bring a bigger group of friends along for a sunset cruise!

Learn About the History of Charleston

Charleston is steeped in history and many of the most notable places that the city has to offer are visible right on the water. You can see Fort Sumter and Fort Johnson, both of which are famous civil war landmarks. You can also get a gander of the USS Yorktown, which is a World War museum these days.

Beautiful southern homes on the battery are always enjoyable to learn about and St. Michael’s Church can be seen from the water as well. All of these sites tell the story of Charleston from the Civil War era, until the present. Learning more about Charleston will make you appreciate the beauty of the city all the more.

Enjoy Some Drinks

A booze cruise is the perfect way to have fun with your friends and to catch a tan while you are at it. These cruises are so much more fun than having to walk from bar to bar, and you can sit inside in the galley, or sunbathe on the bow while you enjoy a beer. What bar on earth can offer you the beauty and history of the harbor along with the sight of dolphins at play?

Catch a Sunset

Sunset cruises are magical. There is nothing more romantic or more stunning than the sight of the sun going down each night over the harbor. Have a drink and some snacks and enjoy the peace of the end of the daylight and the arrival of the night. The water makes for a dramatic and colorful finish to a glorious day.

Charleston harbor tours are the perfect way to enjoy a delightful sunset with your friends and family. You can choose to spend this time in fun and frivolity or in quiet and contemplation. We can provide either experience for you, per your request.

See the Wildlife

As mentioned before, dolphins are frequent visitors to the harbor. You might also see some of the local wading birds and storks. The natural beauty of the harbor is a wonderful backdrop to any day spent with friends or coworkers, swimming, having cocktails, and chilling out.

Bird and wildlife watching has never been easier! You simply can’t appreciate the harbor in the same way when you are standing alongside it, and a harbor tour will allow you to see all of it, right from the water!

Make Memories

There is nothing that is more important to your Charleston harbor tour than the memories that you make while you enjoy it. Take pictures yourself, or have our team take that perfect shot for you. You will be so glad that you decided to spend the day in such a relaxing way, and the photos will remind you for years of the special time that you enjoyed on your harbor cruise.

Enjoy the Warm Weather This Summer with Charleston Harbor Tours

If you have been longing for some warm weather and wishing that the summer was already here, you are in luck! It’s time to start thinking about booking early for your Charleston harbor cruise with Charleston Yacht Tours.

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