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Reasons Not to Miss Out on a Sunset Charleston Yacht Tour

If you have never been on a sunset cruise in the Charleston Harbor, you have missed out! There is nothing more beautiful, or more relaxing than a Charleston Boat Tour, so we know how important it is that you have the perfect first experience. There are not many places on earth that are more beautiful than the Charleston Harbor at sunset and we know how to help you enjoy your evening in style!

If you have been trying to think of something fun and unique to do on a weekend, Charleston Boat Tours offers the perfect solution! If you want to enjoy a fun evening with a peaceful vibe and some great drinks, we can take care of these demands and more! Sunset cruises are always memorable, and the Charleston Harbor is perfect for catching a stunning sunset and enjoying the amazing evening weather.

Why You Should Take a Sunset Cruise

There is just something about watching the day turn to night that is inherently peaceful and romantic. If you want to have fun in the water without the heat of the day slowing you down, a sunset yacht ride is the perfect answer to your needs. This is the right time of day to chill out, catch up with friends and family and enjoy the peaceful waters of the historic harbor.

Choose your favorite music, pick out the cocktails that you want to serve, and then buckle up for a good evening of chill fun. We know how to make your sunset cruise the perfect experience and you will be so glad that you chose an evening cruise when you experience the Charleston Harbor as the sun fades into night.

Pick your own snacks, choose to play your music on the Bluetooth speakers, or let us handle all the details. No matter which way you decide to plan your sunset cruise, we have you covered! We want you to have a customized experience that will create memories that last a lifetime!

The Sights Are Amazing

While the sunset and the stars are gorgeous, there are also other sights that you might get to enjoy as you cruise into the evening. Dolphins are a common sight and their playful antics will add to the fun of your sunset cruise. Bring your phone or your camera to capture these unique sea animals playing and enjoying the day as it turns to night!

There are many birds that make the Charleston Harbor home and you might see a whole variety of native birds enjoying the end of the day along with you. Our knowledgeable guides will point out these birds to you and they will also tell your group about historic landmarks that are visible from the harbor. There is no shortage of things to talk about as you sail away from Charleston itself and move out into the harbor.

Learn about Fort Sumter, the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown and The Battery. There is no shortage of history in Charleston and your crew will know all about the landmarks that you will see as you set out on your cruise. You will even hear information about why Charleston is called the “Holy City”. Charleston is steeped in enough history to please those in your party who came to see all the major historical sites while also catering to everyone who came to have some fun and party!

A Sunset Yacht Tour is Never a Bad Choice

While it can be lots of fun to take a daytime cruise with friends and family, a sunset tour is always a unique experience. The weather in Charleston is perfect for this kind of tour, especially in summer, and you will find that even experienced sunset cruisers have to admit that Charleston is uniquely suited for amazing sunset cruises.

Armed with all the right elements to make your evening special, we can help you to plan the perfect sunset cruise that will fulfill all of your expectations and more. If you have been considering a sunset yacht tour for a while, you shouldn’t hesitate for a moment longer! Call Charleston Boat Tours today to book a sunset cruise with us! We do all private charters.

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